Ceres Inc (NASDAQ:CERE) an agricultural biotechnology firm reported that KWS SAAT SE, an international seed developer with its operations in more than 70 nations, will assess its Persephone bioinformatics technology following a license deal. Originally advanced for in-house use by company, the Persephone system enables researchers to organize, store, explore and access a diverse array of DNA-related data in the similar way online mapping programs enables users to survey geographic locations and regions.

The management view

Tim Swaller, the VP of Genomic Technologies with Ceres, said that they look forward to be associated with researchers at KWS SAAT to show how their Persephone system can help deliver genomic data directly to different product development groups.

He stated that next-gen sequencing technologies have considerably increased the complexity and amount of data generated in crop development and research. Despite this information, it is difficult to evaluate and fully deploy it throughout a research unit. Persephone’s features and user experience is designed to get more insight on data that is often inaccessible in present world.

The scope

KWS, which develops markets and produces seed for corn, potatoes, canola, sunflower, sugarbeet and cereals, has over 1,000 employees involved in the R&D process, including extensive genomic research plans across its main products lines. Dr. Andreas Menze, the Head of Bioinformatics, said that the company’s bioinformatics platform results in continuously increasing volumes of information.

They plan to assess how Ceres Persephone can assist disseminate information for the widest audience within global seed developer firm for discussion and discovery. They believe that extensive accessibility to information will be a major driver of long-term new discovery.

Additionally, Ceres promotes Persephone to institutions and companies in the biomedical and human fields, where DNA-related data is analyzed and deployed in a similar way to plants. The Persephone system can be deployed either within a client’s existing IT infrastructure or in the cloud utilizing Amazon Web Services.


It was a huge day for Ceres Inc (NASDAQ:CERE) yesterday as the stock ended the last trading session with a massive gain of 28% but the final closing price came almost 22% lower compared to the day high and that made the structure suspect from the bullish perspective. The volume was commensurate for the day as it reached 10 million, many times higher than the daily average of 800,000 only and that indicated the buying pressure clearly. On the other hand, the sharp rejection from exactly the major resistance level, as shown on the chart attached, negated much of the potential strength.