Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD) launched new marketing program to stop the flu. This campaign made its way right in the center of where most people actually fell sick, at work. The campaign, designed by agency firm MARC USA, revolves around the insight that it is vital to protect oneself from the flu as surrounding people don’t care. The company provides more tools to people to safeguard themselves from flu shots at the workplace and in store.

The highlights

In a short-period fifteen and thirty second TV spots airing, people view as a wheezing, sneezing colleague blows out candles at a birthday celebration in office. Co-workers shy away as he tries to share pieces of cake. Also, the lady with “I love cake” printed on her t-shirt runs away as a super reminds that more than 60% of co-workers do not catch a flu shot.

This message in Rite Aid campaign is echoed in digital, in-store, print and radio assets with calls to measures such as get flu shot. In the campaign 65% claim they would fly with flu. Still, at least one worker in every four workers will come to office sick. So, the single measure to remain safe is to get protection of a flu shot.

The expert comments

John Learish, the SVP of Marketing with Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD), said that it is a message that goes well with people in the workplace responsible for protecting employee wellness and health as well as productivity. The SVP said that the count of the flu shots company administered in 2014 at onsite workplace clinics increased significantly.

The company believes there is a noteworthy opportunity to grow this service, and they are making it easier for HR staff and employee benefits managers to establish clinics and spread the word to employees. The company expects its increased marketing measures to have a lasting effect.