RX Safes Inc (OTCBB:RXSF) announced that it has introduced a new corporate website. Lorraine Yarde, the CEO, said that the old site didn’t represent the products, capabilities and the new direction and overall evolution of the operations the way they wanted it to. The new website transmits a powerful message to healthcare workers, investors and consumers, and also to healthcare systems and facilities.

The message

The new website of RV Safes indicates that the company is taking the next major measure in its combat against prescription drug abuse and distraction in the workplace and the home, using its autonomous fingerprint technology to convert the transportation, storage, and supply of controlled substances convenient and secure. The objective is to prevent cases of drug abuse and recreation and save both lives and money.

The objective

Rx Safes is committed to use its fingerprint technology to offer solutions and products to fight drug abuse at home and drug diversion in professional settings. It intends to secure the supply of specific controlled substances. The diversion of controlled substances and prescription drug abuse costs the U.S. over $484 billion yearly in losses.

The benefits

Rx Safes new website permits potential partners, including medical equipment manufacturers, health insurers, health and hospital systems, the ability to learn the use of technology to prevent drug abuse, diversion and theft, help improve their services and products, fetch greater market share and enhance revenue streams while mitigating losses. The new website offers non-profit groups a plan to access local and state grants to support drug abuse education initiatives.

The company will be introducing a new distribution plan that can be accessed through new site. In last trading session, the stock price of RX Safes jumped more than 72% to close the trading session at $0.0121. The gains came at a share volume of 6.78 million compared to monthly average share volume of 171,765.


RX Safes Inc (OTCBB:RXSF) enjoyed a huge intraday rally in the first day of the week as it ended the trading session with a gain of 72.86%. The volume surged in a very commensurate manner to 6.7 million, much higher than the daily average of 580,000. The spike in volume may turn out to be a bigger signal than even the price action for a major trend reversal. For the bullish signal to be really effective, the price must stay above the supply area around $0.0120. The long term base has been created over the last 4-5 months and that is expected to provide strength to the bulls.