That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCMKTS:TSTS) is once again on traders radar as its stock is witnessing some intense trading. On Friday, the stock jumped more than 15%to close the week at $0.162. The gains came at a massive share volume of 2 million compare to the monthly average of 425,000.

The buzz

There is no latest press release coming from the company that justifies this recent up move in the stock. Back in July, the company reported that they have obtained Kosher certification for its three products. There are no any new filings with the last one being the financial report for the quarter ended May 31.

As per the last report, That Marketing reported cash of $3,238. The total current assets came at $74,079 and total current liabilities were $622,000. To sheer disappointment, the revenue in the quarter was zero and net loss came at $386,000.

The performance

The financial numbers in no way supports the sharp gains recorded by company’s stock. Even the international order worth $68,000 reported in July failed to improve the financial numbers. In fact, there is no reason that can justify the market of company that stands around $46 million.

In the penny stock world, when everything fails, there is one thing that works for the investors, and it is a paid pump. After the close of trading hours on Thursday, the email touts for That Marketing began rolling in. The outfits continued to circulate emails on Friday with the total number of emails reaching thirty in just two days.

The pump

Since February 2015, the stock of That Marketing Solution Inc (OTCMKTS:TSTS) has been pumped by over 170 emails. This series of newsletter disclosed the compensations ranging from $2000 to $14,000 for touting the company’s stock. Therefore, investors should carry out due diligence before becoming a part of recent hype in the stock.