The footprint for American Eagle Outfitters (NYSE:AEO) stateside is exceptional, but the company has taken its Americana brand further afield. So considering the desire to expand into Western Europe, why the company made its debut in London last year? The answer is consumer of course, claims the company’s chief commercial officer. In fact, British shoppers are considered as the trendiest in the region.

The management speak

Simon Nankervis, the Chief Commercial Officer at American Eagle, said that the U.K. is critical for American Eagle entry into the Western Europe. They see this consumer as directing the trend and providing company a definite read on the path they want the customers to work with company in the region.

The highlight

The accessories and clothing retailer firm American Eagle has a market cap of nearly $3 billion. It commenced stores in London last year, but only introduced a U.K. e-commerce website this month. Nankervis said that they are witnessing definite shifts between the numerous digital and brick and mortar channels, so the management believes they will witness increased consumption on online platform.

The change

He said that the U.K. site was the first to be localized. They have been servicing Europe and other parts of world using digital platform from the U.S. It is company’s first attempt into actually servicing the clients from their home base. American Eagle has stores in 24 nations across the globe, including many outlets in the affluent cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and Shanghai in China. It has a scattering of outlets in Eastern Europe. However, Western Europe leaving U.K. is virtually dry.

The Chief Commercial Officer was confident both the global and British customers would deliver, despite worries related to the strength of customers buying in general. He added that they are not seeing a customer decline in business.