Shares of Dolat Ventures Inc (OTCMKTS:DOLV) gained a staggering 500%+ on a a heavy volume in today’s morning session. Dolat Ventures opened at 0.012 and soon went on to hit a high of $0.075. So far more than 3.42M shares have exchanged hands and it appears that the share prices are consolidating at the $0.044 levels.

So what let to today’s surge in share prices ? After a brief research, we found that an uncompensated investors awareness campaign was launched by (AMI) that had sent the share prices in a frenzy. It appears that AMI has a solid following of investors/traders that are willing to trade their alerts. Earlier, on Monday AMI did a similar investors awareness program on PSTR that let to its shares prices closing with more than 54% gains.


The buzz

Dolat stock has closed last month at levels previously recorded in June month and as of the last PR, the company’s management was in the process of reducing outstanding stock. The CEO Dovid Hauck termed the decision as necessary to support short term acquisitions. In the process, the company’s directors and managers confirmed of returning all 8.16 million shares in exchange for preferred stock.

Dolat Ventures completed a corporate restricting plan and its subsidiary Millenium Mining LLC finalized a joint venture deal with a private investor to commence diamond mining at its facility in Sierra Leone. The deal will be financed by private capital, for the purpose of mining, dredging, continuing exploration and selling and collecting diamonds, and other deposits.

The profile

Dolat Ventures is currently in the initial stages of acquiring diamonds, precious stones and gems from numerous locations based in the African continent. The company is in an organized search for sellers and suppliers of gems, locations and precious stones. It plans to acquire mining locations, mining operations and equipment, and to develop distribution channels to supply its diamonds to retailers and wholesalers in the U.S. and globally.

Currently, the company has finalized to explore and mine the ‘Baimbawai Pool’ in Sierra Leone, the region which has been a prime diamond producer. Dolat Ventures wants to come in the list of top Industrial Diamond Mining companies in Sierra Leone.

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