TapImmune Inc. (OTCMKTS:TPIV) was a notable outperformer during Thursday’s trading session surging by close to 3.5% on turnover, which was 2 times the daily average. The stock has been able to form a formidable bottom near levels of $0.61 and has witnessed massive buying interest over the last two trading sessions. TapImmune currently trades above all daily moving averages. The indicator measuring relative strength continues to trend higher indicative of the strong buying interest. The oscillator for momentum clearly shows strong bullish momentum. Traders believe if the stock is able to close above $0.759, it could head to levels of $0.889 in the near term.


TapImmune Inc. (OTCMKTS:TPIV) announced that it had shifted its headquarter to new destination: Jacksonville, Florida, from the previous location: Seattle, Washington. Taplmmune is known for developing innovative gene-based vaccines and immunotherapeutic in clinical-stage immune-oncology field. These vaccines can be used in the treatment of metastatic and cancer diseases.

Management Call

The senior management team is delighted to make the announcement regarding the headquarter shift to Florida and hopes that it will have favorable impacts on company’s progress in the coming months. According to Dr. Glynn Wilson, after shifting company headquarter to Florida, it’s become easy for the management team to be in proximity with investigators that are based out of Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

Many of the senior management executives of the company have been living in Jacksonville for a long time, which means that this decision will save their time as well as enhance productivity at workplace. The company is now very close to the New York Capital Market, which is another positive point that it can look up to. There’s no doubt that this is one of the best decisions that Taplmmune has taken in the recent past; but at the same time it will add value to the local biotech community in Florida and have long-term implications.

Taplmmune develops different vaccines and treatments that can be helpful in different deathly health issues, including cancer. It has been conducting many trials to ensure that no stone remains unturned in terms of treatments.

Everything is going well at this moment, and the decision to shift to Jacksonville is a strategic move that will show results in the long term. Not only will the company be able to stay in touch with its key stakeholders, but also strengthen its network in the local biotech community. It will keep all the shareholders abreast about the future progress.