Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s birthday or Friends Day as founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls it is here. Today is the 12th anniversary of Facebook and the company is celebrating the occasion with a special personalized video for the users. The video is a collection of some of the most memorable pics of users and their friends that Facebook is compiling for all its users that one can share with friends.

The best part is that there is a photo editing option also available that allows users to change the display pic. The video has been placed on top of the News Feed and it can be accessed by clicking the Watch Yours button just beneath the clip.

Bringing People Closer

While unveiling the video option to celebrate friendship, Facebook released an official blog that stated that not only did it witness an increase in its social media presence to double-digits of growth over the last decade with over 1.59 billion users per month, but its users have come closer. From 3.74 degrees to 3.57 degrees, the degree of separation has seen a decrease and this depicts how successfully Facebook has been in connecting people on a global platform.

Few other updates have also been unveiled by Facebook including stickers with Best Friends and Friendship labels. These are available for free on the Facebook Messenger Sticker Store.

Earlier Facebook had released a similar product in March 2015 titled On This Day that collated memories from the past years and a photo sharing app Moments was also launched in June 2015 to connect friends.

Birthday Dedicated to Users

According to Zuckerberg, focusing on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) would not have made the birthday special and the video will help people realize how they have bonded over the years while bringing back some fond memories. He thanked everyone for motivating the company and said that it was only because of the users that Facebook existed and this was a way to celebrate with the people who made it possible.

Meanwhile, the company also announced in January 2016, that the Groups app was accessed by over 1 billion users every month.