Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is known to deliver a unique user experience to each one of its users around the world. Behind this business strategy are an estimated 1,000 people, who update and maintain the complex algorithm, which refreshes the content every 24-hours. The VP of product innovation at Netflix, Chris Jaffre, stated that the service had so much content, that it was difficult for people to decide on what to watch. So Netflix decided to do the job for them.

The company stated that it has about 90-seconds to convince a user that the service is the right one for them. So getting personalized was a key for the company, but the service also had to ensure that it was not too personalized. This is why the service often offers variants. For example, if all you do is watch romantic comedies then you would be shown romantic comedies, but mixed with a few action movies as well. However, the algorithm makes sure not to show genres that the user does not like to see at all.

Jaffre had also attended the world mobile congress in Barcelona recently. There the VP announced that the company would add around 600-hours of 4K quality video streams to its service, during 2016. However, much of this content would be related to TV-series rather than movies. The VP also hinted that the company is looking towards HDR picture formats now, since they deliver a much more realistic image. Unlike 4K, HDR concentrates more on utilizing the full color range of pixels, rather than packing more pixels in a smaller area.

It should be noted here that rival service provider Amazon already has an HDR streaming service. Added to this, Amazon does not charge its customers extra for granting access to 4K video streams. NFLX on the other hand is justifying the extra fees by adding more content. However the delay to launch HDR streams on the service now means that the company is at a disadvantage.

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) gained 0.28% during the February 26 session, to reach a close at $94.79, after having a trade volume of 16.98 million.