EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) could be acquired by Dell, after the EU cleared Dell’s plans to acquire the data storage company for $67 billion. The deal was initially announced in October 2015 and is considered to be the largest in the technology industry. Dell believes that the deal could help it better compete with rivals, Cisco, HP and IBM, in the cloud computing space. EMC recently developed its DSSD D5 flash storage system, which is aimed at big data analytics in particular.

The DSSD D5 is a completely new architecture design and is expected to be used with both, traditional and next-generation data-intensive applications. The data intensive applications of today demand the lowest possible latency time and extreme levels of performance. The DSSD D5 fulfills these needs, by speeding up advanced analytics by as much as 10-times that of current storage systems.

EMC has been focusing its resources on the development of flash based solutions. Currently, the EMC portfolio for flash storage systems is capable of addressing the needs of just about any enterprise data center. EMC has stated that it expects all storage systems to be flash based, by 2020. This would leave the conventional storage systems for archiving and bulk storage only. EMC was also the first vendor to offer SSDs, which are slowly replacing conventional HDDs in computer systems. Added to the improved latency time, EMC products are known to deliver higher drive density, low failure rates, power consumptions and temperatures.

Although it might seem that Dell and EMC combined would be able to gain a significant market share, but the EU commission believes that the combined entity would only have a moderate market share. Even in the virtualization software segment, despite EMC’s VMware having strong position, the EU commission believes that the entity would lack the ability and incentives to shutout competitors.

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) completed the February 29 session, after having a trade volume of 16.07 million and adding 0.31% to its share value, before closing at $26.13.