Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) asks cyber security companies to collaborate with each other to deal with major IT issues that the world’s facing at this moment. Intel Security Group’s Lead, Chris Young, delivered a keynote address at world’s most sought-after cybersecurity confab – RSA Conference.

Insights of Matter

Young is the General Manager and Senior Vice President of Intel’s Security Group. While delivering the address, he focused on two key areas: How can companies deal with the shortage of professional talent and collaboration among different cyber security companies.

He cited that the rising competition in this industry was the biggest challenge that most companies have to deal with on day to day basis. Unless the government take any significant action to curb this competition, things won’t improve. He further added that passage of Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act can be a vital step in this direction. Young said that he had a lot to share as the founding member of Cyber Threat Alliance – a group of cyber security firms, including names like Fortinet, Symantec, and Palo Alto Networks.

The companies that were part of Cyber Threat Alliance began to work on a program that could distribute sample malware to different computer servers. The prime objective of this initiative was to find out all the details about these attacks to take precautionary actions in the future. However, the results weren’t up to the mark; therefore, the Cyber Threat Alliance narrowed down its focus to ransomware that is more dangerous for computer devices than any other cybersecurity threat. It infects devices without users’ knowledge and holds their necessary files for ransom.

It was Young’s 11th RSA conference in the United States, and 18th if regions like Japan and Europe are included in this list. Going forward, he will look forward to appearing in many more such events to interact with youngsters and understand their ideas closely.