Mobiquity Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:MOBQ)’s subsidiary known as Mobiquity Networks has inked a promotion delivery deal with Coupon App. The deal centers onthe delivery of beacon-triggered retail deals to mall shoppers. The promotions will target Coupon App subscribers.

Promotion influenced sales are growing popular among U.S. millennials and Coupon App and Mobiquity Networks want to capitalize on the opportunity.

As much as some deals providers have tended to limit push promotions, it turns out push notifications remain popular among young American shoppers. A study recently showed that 84% of American young shoppers respond positively to push deals. Most of those shoppers are also showing special interest in deals that they can redeem immediately to take advantage of the offers.

The partnership between Mobiquity Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:MOBQ) and Coupon App is expected to boost delivery of push notifications that can be redeemed instantly.

Beacon-based promotions

Not only are Mobiquity Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:MOBQ)’s Mobiquity Networks and Coupon App targeting shoppers with offers that they can convert immediately, but they are also keen on delivery promotions to customers when they are most receptive for them. That is where beacon-triggered promotions come in.

A Juniper Research estimates that about 1.6 billion coupons will be beacon triggered by 2020.

When beacons are used to target shoppers, the chance of getting them to take advantage of the promotion to shop at a mall is high. That is why beacon-based offers are expected to grow popular in the coming years.

Mobiquity Networks has the potential to reach 400 million potential shoppers with its beacon-triggered promotions every month. That can translate to over $41 billion of real spending in a month.

Coupon App is used by 10 million subscribers who have the opportunity to redeem offers at more than 475 malls across the U.S.

Financial update

Mobiquity Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:MOBQ) posted 3Q2015 revenue of $0.60 million, which rose from $0.57 million in the previous quarter but declined from $0.71 million in the year ago quarter. The company suffered a net loss of $2.80 million in its last quarter.