Sack Lunch Productions Inc (OTCMKTS:SAKL) reported ticket sales of $3.07 million across all franchised and corporate events in North America held from January 1,2016 through March 7. The ticket sales for franchised and corporate events were $1.255 million and $1.752 million, respectively. The major part of ticket sales was seen coming from Color Me Rad in the first two months of this year.

The management speaks

Richard Surber, the CEO of Sack Lunch, said that he is keen on updating the shareholders with all the progress that they make on regular basis. They intend to release monthly revenue updates throughout this year. The company had more than 56 event markets reached for ticket sales in March which is almost double from the previous month.

The star event named as ‘Slide the City’ will start opening up numerous markets for sale as they enter next month. Sack management expects that sales can considerably increase in the summer months. They are moving as per plan to host more than 256 events in 2016 and anticipate to generate over $18 million in revenues.

The highlights

The CEO of Sack Lunch further added that with so many thrilling developments happening, they decided to advance a thirty second commercial that started airing earlier in this month. It was broadcasted on numerous network and cable channels in the Salt Lake City and Denver markets. Additionally, the company booked the front page of ‘InvestorsHub’ for a one-month period.

Sack’s management expects that thousands of participants and investors will successfully link the company as a public firm with its recognized event brands. The most celebrated events of the company are Slide the City, Color Me Rad, The Dirty Dash, and The Lantern Fest. Sack Lunch is an entertainment firm that franchises and operates action oriented programs in the United States and globally.