Genocea Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:GNCA) has recently released the 12-month efficacy data, from phase-2 of its genital herpes immunotherapy, GEN-003. The drug showed a significant decline in the rate of viral shedding, as compared to the baseline. It was found that the drug was safe and well tolerated amongst patients and had no side-effects. The data was compiled after the administration of the vaccine, across a range of dose groups, over a 12-month period.

Chip Clark, the CEO of Genocea, revealed that the drug was effective on both HSV-2 patients and also those suffering from genital herpes. He also stated that the single course of GEN-003, could offer similar results as compared to a full year daily intake of antivirals. The CEO also revealed that the data from a recently initiated phase-2b virologic study would be released during the 3Q2016. He also hinted that the phase-2 meeting would be concluded with the FDA, by the 1Q2017.

Lori A. Panther, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, stated that due to the physiological and physical impact of genital herpes, both patients and the physicians would be more than eager to employ an effective and convenient treatment, to prevent outbreaks. She also clarified that a decline in the rate of viral shredding in this case was important, since it is considered one of the major causes of outbreaks. Genocea is expected to present the results at one of the upcoming scientific conferences.

GNCA gained significantly in the stock market, following the announcement. The company’s trade volume for the session was well above its 30-day average of 128,000 shares. However, analysts at TheStreet believe that the stock is still a sell. The analysts state that this is mainly due to a historically poor performance of the stock and a weak operating cash flow of the company.

Genocea Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:GNCA) gained 94.96% during the March 31 session, after having a trade volume of 24.09 million, to close at $7.74.