LegacyXChange Inc (OTCMKTS:LEGX) has released a promo video of its soon to be launched website, geared towards trading of authentic sport collectibles. The company believes that it can help curb fraudulent transactions in the sport collectibles industry, through its website and other technologies. LEGX also updated its shareholders, through the video, about how DNA technology can be used to authenticate the goods sold.

LEGX is all set to become the first e-commerce retailer for sport collectibles. The company plans to invisibly mark all products, permanently, so as to ensure authenticity of items. LegacyXChange has stated that its mission is to help celebrities take endorsement for their brand, by providing only genuine merchandise and thereby maximizing its value. Moreover, the platform would benefit both, the customer and the trader, by ensuring that the value of the product is maintained and that the customer gets what he paid for. The website is expected to start operation, during the 2Q2016.

Bill Bollander, the CEO of LEGX, stressed on the importance of proper marketing of the platform, as the launch date draws near. He clarified that the industry has an estimated worth of $5 billion. The CEO revealed that more than anything the video clarifies how LegacyXChange is different from the current industry. He further added that the video would also offer some insight to the shareholders about where the company is headed and what it has in store for them. Bill also revealed future plans to develop group specific videos, to capture specific audiences.

The company had also made a recent announcement, updating on the development of embedded synthetic DNA ink. The technology was developed in accordance with SelectaDNA/CSI Protect. The company expects to use the ink for obtaining signatures of athletes on collectibles, thereby ensuring that the product cannot be duplicated.

LegacyXChange Inc (OTCMKTS:LEGX) lost a total of 17.36% of its share value and had a trade volume of 199,751 shares, during the April 13 trading session, to close at $0.02.