Provision Holding Inc (OTCMKTS:PVHO)’s subsidiary Provision Interactive has announced that it would be filing for five new patent applications. Pryor Cashman, the New York based intellectual property legal experts, have been asked to handle and write the applications on Provision’s behalf. The company has stated that the applications would not only provide protection to the company’s IPs in the US, but globally as well, through the International PCT.

Curt Thornton, the CEO and president of Provision, stated that the patents would provide critical protection to the company’s technologies, as it looks to transform the POP digital media industry. He further revealed that Provision is looking to expand into other markets, such as video gaming and medical imaging. As such additional patents from the company can be expected in the near future. It should be noted here that Provision’s technology was recently featured in a solution brief, titled “Tomorrow’s Digital Signage, Today with 3D Holographic Kiosks”.

Apart from protecting its intellectual property, Provision Interactive has also signed an agreement with The GRI Marketing Group, to provide regional and national advertising sales. The agreement concerns Provision’s 3D digital savings center retail network. Each of these centers includes a 3D holographic display, which has been proven to capture the attention of customers. However, a 2D screen has been included as well, to enhance customer experience. As per the agreement, GRI will attract advertising partners for the product, allowing Provision to expand its advertising outreach.

GRI’s current customers make use of conventional advertising techniques, stated Bob Ostrander, the EVP of Provision. He further added that GRI’s relationships, resources and experience is ideal for the product. He was confident that advertisers would find the new 3D method more attractive than the conventional techniques. The president of GRI, Brian Snider, further affirmed this belief stating that GRI partners are always looking for new ways to attract customers.

Provision Holding Inc (OTCMKTS:PVHO) gained a total of 1.22% and had a trade volume of 1.56 million shares, during the April 4 trading session, to reach a close at $0.245.