Despite the fact that they did get so much attention from a multitude of users,, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is not relenting in trying to catch the attention of more consumers to its Dash push-button. The tech giant has so much optimism that the new dozens of brands will bring back the lost consumer interest.

However, little is known of the exact names that will be added to the lineup of Dash buttons even though some them are already signing up with the growing internet retail giant. Some of those that have signed up have indicated that they are not into getting new customers, but they are holding up to their loyalty with Amazon.

The Dash buttons are small internet-connected devices that the clients have previously used to purchase household goods.

In the recent past, Amazon has faced stiff competition from various other companies that are rolling out the use of buttons. However, the company seems to keep up with the competition and probably the reason it has released the new batch of brands two months after unleashing other dozens of the same. Apparently, many viewed the Dash button concept as a big joke only for it to stay on pace.

Amazon’s motive with this intuitive feature is to help customers in curtailing the number of times they walk to the grocery to buy consumables. Nevertheless, there has been a lukewarm response from the consumers. According to one market researcher less than 50% who bought it use it to order things and if they do, it is once in every two months.

The purchase of a single button by companies costs $15 with a 15% for each product sold through Dash. That of consumers is $5 per button. Nonetheless, the current availability of the push button gadgets is only for the Amazon’s Prime members in the US at a yearly cost of $99. They are however required to pay a $4.99 upfront for each button.