Great Basin Scientific Inc (NASDAQ:GBSN) has brought good news to the medical world. This is after GBSN announced that they have already commenced their clinical trials for the Stool Bacterial Pathogens Panel, which the company originally initiated. The ‘Panel’, as reported by GBSN, is a test on patients with acute gastroenteritis detecting the bacterial vectors such as foodborne pathogens to recommend the appropriate treatment. The stool panel assay is not the first of its kind in this company, but it’s the second one.

According to the company’s founder, Ryan Ashton, the test will focus on nucleic acids, specifically of the Salmonella species with five species already having their tests in progress. The assays for some bacteria species were started in April this year and therefore the company has been very efficient and swift in carrying out the tests.

The CEO of GBSN was quick to point out that the company is committed to initiating more bacterial assays to improve the quality of products they offer to their customers as well as their annual net revenues due to increased sales. The company’s current tests in progress include the low-plex molecular assays focusing on the poisonous GBS bacteria, the E.colli and the toxic Clostridium difficile.

 In addition to the mentioned tests developed by GBSN, they have developed a more efficient test called the blood culture panel. The blood culture test can detect Staphylococcus species within two hours from a blood sample of the patient. Mec A genes are identified by the test within the same range of time. GBSN has therefore been able to bring a lot of developments in the bacterial assays in the world based the effectiveness of their tests of late.

Currently, the company has developed simple but quite powerful products based on their extensive research to the easiest diagnosis of infectious diseases mostly bacterial ones. Most of their diagnosis brings cheaper and simple ways of diagnosing infections aiding millions of patients in the world. The current assays on stool bacteria pathogen panel will change bacterial diagnosis in the medical field globally.

The company is expected to give a press statement on the state their tests for the year 2016 and the expected revenues for the company same fiscal year.