SCYNEXIS Inc (NASDAQ:SCYX) has announced its findings after conducting a series of tests of phase 2 study regimens oral SCY-078. The research was meant to compare the effectiveness of SC-078 with the contemporary standard of care that is in use today of oral fluconazole. The assays of the test were conducted on patients suffering from the vaginal yeast infection also known as acute vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC).

Marco Taglietti, the CEO of the incorporation was quick to point out that the positive results of the proof-of-concept were purposely designed to prove that the antifungal drugs( SCY-078) administered orally to the patients with the vaginal yeast infection were effective to kill the pathogens that were causing the infection. The study was also aimed at assessing and ascertaining the effects of the molecule that was present in the VVC indication according to Dr. Taglietti.

The CEO of Scynexis Inc further stated that positive results of the proof-of-concept study were a great milestone for the company’s desire to develop an SCY-078 antifungal drug that would completely suppress the VVC, which has been a difficult ailment to treat in the past. According to medical experts, the combination of VVC and invasive candidiasis has been the tough infection to treat using the current drugs and therefore, the developments registered by Scynexis are encouraging to the VVC patients.

To provide a comprehensive scientific outcome for the results of the research, the CEO stated that they used 96 patients with moderate to acute VVC and tested them for the Fluconazole, which is currently in use, against the combined SCY-078. The two drugs showed similar activity in the treatment of the fungal infection in the specimens’ bodies although the combined dose of the SCY-078 showed the highest level of efficiency and toughness in killing the infections.

Antifungal effects of the combined SCY-078 showed the most positive results, and this is a major step in the medical world, and it will save millions of patients worldwide who suffer from the effects of VVC in everyday life

However, the company in its press release was unapologetic of the fact that the combined SCY-078 had some severe side effects compared to the contemporary Fluconazole that has been in use over the years. Some of the side effects of these new drugs were diarrhea, abdominal pains, and vomiting as mentioned in the press release. With the new development, we can only expect the company to finalize its preparations for the drug so that VVC can benefit from the same.