Brazil Minerals Inc (OTCMKTS:BMIX) is on its way to a progressive ladder given its latest update on its gold retrieval platform and first contract for diamonds and gold. The Company has received its second “Gold Retrieval Unit” (GRU) which consists of the centrifugal separator that has a water-pump and portable generator. One of the Company’s mining areas is already acting host to a diamond and gold group that has already inked a royalty contract with BMIX.

The business model is set in such a way that it will monetize little to no cost for high-quality mineral assets. It was just last week when the company carried out a GRU test run of 6.8 cubic meters of material which surprisingly produced 59.1 grams of 96% gold. The sample material may have been small, but the gain was more than what the company expected.

What next for BMIX after the latest findings?

The company is strategizing on an expansion plan. It is looking up to two other mineral rights it owns that are likely to result in some deals. Furthermore, several groups have registered their interest in being y involved with diamonds and other commodity-type minerals. BMIX will be broadening up the test of centrifugal processing. Further tests will involve the use of other f alluvial sands retrieved from its new mining area. Its goal is to determine various operational metrics

BMIX’s multi-faceted expertise in Brazil is the company’s high competitive edge given that the country has a bigger population besides its vast mineral resources. It is in the best interest of its shareholders that the company is creating “mineral-specific” subsidiaries which are expected to accommodate individual investor demands.

However, BMIX will retain a stake in every created subsidiary. The subsidiaries will also submit individual royalty payments to BMIX on revenue-generation from projects. High potential mineral areas or projects remain the company’s preliminary focus for its business.

Progressive Care Inc (OTCMKTS:RXMD) Edging Lower On Spooking investors

Progressive Care Inc (OTCMKTS:RXMD) continues to trade lower on the market days after executing a new $2 million financing agreement. The news of the financing agreement came as a surprise to many investors, given that the company is fresh from posting record sales for the month of June that earned it $1.7 million.

Two consecutive days of trading on the red now arouses concerns about the company’s prospects on the financial front even as it moves to expand its operation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The pharmaceutical company is due to start dispensing traditional drugs and compounds in the two states a move that could have forced it to seek new financing to act as working capital.