Appearance of Elusive Pokemon Go Vaporeon Causes Stampede at New York Central Park

The madness around the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go is all but starting, if what happened at New York Central Park is anything to go by. Hundreds of people flocked the park on Friday night after reports went around of the presence of one of the most elusive Pokemon, dubbed the Vaporeon.

Rush for Elusive Pokemon

While some arrived on the scene in cabs, others ran out of breath from running as the time ticked before the elusive Pokemon disappeared. A bizarre incidence captured on video shows one person leaving his car engine running, as he rushed to the park to catch the virtual creature. Even before the police arrived to bring law and order a stampede had already occurred as people elbowed each other for the specific spot where the Vaporeon was. The Vaporeon Pokemon has until now remained elusive. It is believed to possess ‘hidden Power’ having evolved from Pokemon Eevee. Catching such elusive Pokemons allows players to move to the next stage of the game something that most people are willing to do at any cost.

The happenings at the New York Central Park was not the first time that people flocked a specific location at odd hours of the day just to catch a Pokemon. Bellevue Washington has also played host to a big crowd of people after reports went round that a rare Pokemon Squirtle had appeared.

Pokemon Go Hype

Such events always force police officers to patrol an area for security reasons. However, the same also comes with its own securities challenges some players having been wrongly arrested last week for acting suspiciously. Amidst the stand offs the game’s popularity continues to grow not only in the US but other countries as well. Pokemon Go has already crushed Candy Crush as the most downloaded and played game in the US. Its popularity has also seen it surpass Twitter in terms of active daily users. The hype around the game is also forcing businesses and advertising agencies to come up with ways of monetizing the augmented reality game.

Here is some food for thought: Can all those who get hurt in the course of Pokemon hunt file a lawsuit ?