Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has pleased some Ford GT fans and disappointed others who wished to own the vehicle owners following its release of acceptance and rejection letters to aspiring owners.

While some of the fans are satisfied having secured their orders, the rest of the people who had preordered the car will most likely not have a chance to own one straight from the factory. The rejection letter cited that Ford was happy that the fans have a passion for the new Ford GT. The automaker, however, noted in the letters that the demand for the vehicle has exceeded the production and therefore the limited units will be enough for everyone.

Ford plans to manufacture a limited number of Ford GTs for a period of two years.However maintained a sense of hope to those who received the rejection offer by stating that their application will still remain with the firm in case opportunities present themselves should additional production be confirmed. On the opposite end, those who received the acceptance offer were most likely pleased with the fact that they are the lucky few who will get to enjoy the legendary experience.

Ford is trying to make up for disappointing its customers by introducing an upgrade package for the Ford Mustang GT. The concept of introducing an upgrade package came up because most Mustang GT owners felt the need for something more when the Shelby GT350 was launched. Ford Performance, therefore, decided to start offering power packs that Mustang GT owners can include in their vehicles for engine tuning and parts. The power packs will be compatible with 2015 to 2017 Mustang GT models.

Some of the parts that will be included in the upgrade kit include K&N high-flow air filter and ECU tuning. Tuned Mustang GTs will produce as much as 13 extra horsepower and an extra 16 lb-ft torque. Ford hopes that the upgrade package will keep customers smiling and pleased with their Mustang GTs.