Looks like Life Clips Inc (OTCMKTS:LCLP) is getting ready to give GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) a run for its money. LCLP is a unique brand of that offers transforming experience to the way moments are captured through devices reported that the firm has advanced a 360° action camera with a planned launch for August 2016.

The experts speak

Bob Gruder, the CEO of Life Clips®, reported that 360 degree HD cameras capture all the things around people. When people get to the mountain peak, when users finish the marathon or the celebration times with friends and family, sometimes a regular picture fails to do the moment justice. In such a scenario, it would be great to have a 360° virtual-reality selfie.

Life Clips devices is all about sharing and cherishing life’s moments in the wonderful ways while keeping devices always charged and ready. The CEO said that the new range of HD camera enhances the company’s product line by providing cutting edge technology that will highlight the future of photography, particularly the way people capture and cherish life’s moments in pictures.

The highlights

While we talk about the Life Clips unique devices, it becomes imperative to mention one of the pioneers in same industry, GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO). Currently, its stock is trading around $11 a share, which suggests that, is down from a high price of almost $100 per share after its IPO. As per the market experts, the initial gains were probably due to unreasonable exuberance from investors, and not due to the strong fundamentals of the company. However, it cannot be denied that GoPro’s offerings transformed the action-camera industry.

Here, it remains a big question as to how the new 360 degree camera of Life Clips would be taken by the market. Life Clip’s action HD camera is 16 megapixel, has a 32GB, MicroUSB, boasts 1200mAh battery, and is available in the different resolutions. The new camera is projected to sell for $269 which is almost 32% cheaper than the existing device “360 Fly.”