In last trading session, the stock price of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (USA)(NYSEMKT:MCZ) declined more than 1% to close the day at $0.2712. The decline came at a share volume of 176,552 compared to average share volume of 629,890. After the last decline, the market cap stands at $19.85 million.

The buzz

Mad Catz, an international provider of unique entertainment products, released initial details of its latest additions to its ‘Tritton’ audio range known as the ARK series. This new series highlights the end of extensive R&D by the design unit behind the Tritton gaming headset unit. Headsets in this series are developed to offer exceptional audio quality and maximum comfort, along with packed customization for best performance.

The innovation

The latest introduced ‘RK’ series is developed on three major innovations. Mad Catz reported that the first innovation is ‘Audionomics’. The new series showcases an innovative, vibrant mono-curve design that combines ergonomics and audio fidelity to attain the ultimate experience in comfort and sound. Next innovation is R: Drive, where in, the new gaming headsets showcase numerous frequency-specific speakers in earcup, offering a powerful, immersive sound experience. The last innovation in the series is Kameleon which is motion-dynamic RGB backlighting. This feature enables users to customize the lighting of each headset with ease.

The significance

Mad Catz reported that these three innovations are an assurance of the new innovative headsets series, commencing with the ‘ARK 100’ headset. This model will be available in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions during launch. A PC version will also be launched reaffirming Tritton’s dedication to PC gaming audio. Andrew Young, the Chief Technology Officer of Mad Catz, said that Tritton boasts an established reputation for premium, unique gaming audio products. Intensive engineering collaboration and extensive anthropometric studies enables them to bring a new level of performance advantages to the gaming consumer.