MGT Capital Investments Inc. (NYSEMKT:MGT) has unveiled a new monitoring system dubbed, Sentinel MGT. The system is designed to shield corporate and enterprise intranets from all sorts of hacking threats by detecting and blocking any suspicious activity on a network.

 Sentinel MGT Capabilities.

With cyber security becoming a hot subject, MGT Capital is planning to use the new system to affirm its credentials on shielding clients from all kinds of cyber-attacks. Sentinel MGT comes with a passive hardware device that organizations will be able to connect to their network to monitor any incoming and outgoing traffic.

 Designed to monitor network traffic, the intrusion monitoring system deploys sophisticated algorithm that warns users in case there is any suspicious activity on the network. The monitoring device up for sale does not require any setup or configuration but a mere plugin into an intranet.

 The unique thing about Sentinel MGT, when compared to anti-virus products, is that it is able to detect and block any means that hackers may try to use to gain access to a network. MGT Capital says the new system will enable users greatly reduce the time a hacker spends on a protected network undetected. Planting of malware, as well as stealing of data, should be outdated with the new system.

 The company is currently prepping the passive monitoring device before it is made available to consumers in the US. A Chinese version is also in the pipeline slated for release at this year’s Chinese National Security Conference in Beijing on August 15.

 MGT Capital Robust Anti-Hacking System

 Sentinel MGT is the latest anti-hacking technology developed by MGT Capital as it continues to come up with new solutions for shielding clients from all kinds of sophisticated threats. The new system joins D-Vasive Demonsaw and E-Tagged all of which were bought to bolster the company’s Anti-Hacking system.

MGT Capital Investments Inc. (NYSEMKT:MGT) is also in the process of launching a new consumer product based on the Sentinel MGT technology.