Nexus 6P has been praised for its exemplary performance. It has been a great Android device, no doubt. However, only the storage has been a miss until recently. The device is not compatible with MicroSD, and this has created a lot of space management problems for Nexus users regardless of whether bloatware is a problem or not.

The device costs more than other brands with the MicroSD support

The 128GB Google flagship version goes for $650, which is way above what Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KRX:005930) Galaxy S7 or HTC Corp (TPE:2498) 10 would cost, both of which have microSD support. Evidently, an internal storage of 128GB is nothing compared to 32GB internal storage with an option of 200GB expandable storage. This notwithstanding, the device has been more expensive than others with better storage capabilities.

What Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has done

To solve the storage worries, Google allows Nexus 6P buyers to activate the Project Fi. A discount of $150 is available to buyers who activate the Fi project, such that the device effectively costs $499 instead of $650. The 32 GB model sells for the same price. Those who bought the device earlier can still benefit from this offer by activating the Project Fi program on their devices. The discount will be refunded on the account with which the device was bought. It is also not compulsory to have the Fi plan. Those who don’t need it can cancel it after they have received the discount.

With this move, there are no indications that the Nexus 6P designs of the future will have expandable storage designs, and that is why the project Fi is the only viable solution at least for now. These devices have been around since 2010, and there is no need to wait for new models with improved storage capabilities.