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Analysts have reported that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) could earn as much as $3 billion in revenue from Pokemon Go through sales in the App Store. The game which takes advantage of augmented reality has become a major hit in the mobile gaming industry. Pokemon Go was created by Nintendo and it is available as a free download. It, however, generates revenue in the form of free purchases. Analysts from various firms believe that the game could be a serious revenue generator for its developers as well as Apple to the tune of billions and the math does add up. Players can purchase various items including 100 pokeCoins which cost 99 cents. The game also encourages players to purchase the coins in a pack of 14,500 coins which cost $99.99.

Apple takes 30% of all the revenue generated by apps on the App Store while developers take the rest of the cut. Analyst Laura Martin of Needham & Company argued out a few pointers that suggest that the firm can earn as much as $3 billion in revenue from Pokemon Go. Martin reported that the app had achieved 6% penetration in the US, reaching about 21 million users less than a month after its launch. The analyst also projected that the app might reach as high as 20% penetration in the countries where it has been launched.

Another analysis firm called Sensor tower reported that the game was generating as much as $1.6 million on a daily basis in just six days after it was launched in the US. This means that the average individual Pokemon Go fan has been spending $0.16 every day which is equivalent to five cents. This also aligns with the numbers projected by Martin. If the app has been generating 1.6 million each day, this mean apple has been earning $500,000 every day from Pokemon Go. If the app continues to make such sales for the next one to two years, it will generate more than $3 billion in revenue for the iPhone maker.