The myth about Pokemon Go’s data consumption has finally been busted and fans will like the results. Pokemon Go has risen so high in the popularity chart that there is a chance it might become the most popular app in 2016. However, there have been worries about the amount of data that the app consumes. There have been questions as to whether the app consumes a huge chunk of the user’s allocated data. Reports are in and the good news is that the app surprisingly doesn’t consume a lot of data.

A data analysis firm known as P3 carried out research which involved tracking more than 200 smartphones since July 6 and July 15. The researchers discovered that the average Pokemon Go session lasts around 3 minutes and the amount of data consumed within each such session is around 300 kilobytes. This means that a 1 Gigabyte data plan would allow a user to engage in more than 3,000 Pokemon Go sessions each month provided no other handset functions or apps consume data. This is good news for Pokemon Go fans because they can now have fun with their new favorite app without having any worries as far as data is concerned. There is, however, a downside to the app. P3 might have reported great findings regarding data consumptions but they reported the opposite for battery performance. According to the research findings, the app drains the charge on a handset’s battery 50% faster than the Facebook or YouTube apps. This means that a low battery will be the only thing preventing users from running the app all the time contrary to earlier believes that data consumption would be its downfall. It has been less than a month since the Pokemon Go app hit the waves and it has quickly amassed a large user base. The app has more than 21 million daily users in the US alone and its user base is expected to grow for the next few weeks.

Pocket Starships by SPYR, Inc (OTCMKTS:SPYR)  is another popular game that is gaining traction among the gaming community. Latest developments issued by the company suggest that the SPYR’s management has positioned the company for future success. As per the recent press release, SPYR has: (1) entered the fast growing and lucrative mobile games market; (2) surrounded the company with experts and thought leaders from the industry; (3) implemented a development strategy that is both cost effective and reduces the risk to the company; and (4) quickly identified and published a game (Pocket Starships) that provides the opportunity for significant, sustained revenue growth.