Is SPYR Inc (OTCMKTS:SPYR) next in line ? SPYR Inc measured from the 2016 low to the 2016 high appreciated a mind blowing 283% ($.12 low to $.46 high). As luck would have it, the stock is retreating from the streaky high, offering a favorable entry level for investors who want to take a fresh look at the story. When you understand why SPYR has gotten so hot, I believe you’ll agree there’s really exciting upside with their new mobile game introduction.

Pocket Starships is believed to be the very first game in the entire history of Mobile Gaming that cross platforms nearly every device and operating system in existence. A player on an Android phone can compete live against a gamer using a Desktop. Your iPad can compete against a WindowsNotebook or a Kindle notepad. All in real time. That’s revolutionary.

Pokemon, Nintendo Co., Ltd (ADR)(OTCMKTS:NTDOY) is the latest fascinating digital trend that continues to shape the nation on both the gaming front as well as the business point of view. People from all occupations are downloading the game in numbers as businesses and advertising agencies come up with monetization strategies. The game also continues to provide a glimpse of the kind of impact augmented reality could have on marketing strategies in future.

Business Spike: The true impact of the game on revenues is still unclear. However, some businesses are reporting up to 75% increase in business an indication of the kind of impact the game can have, with a clear-cut marketing strategy.

The game allows businesses to spend as little as $1.20, and be used as locations where players can collect a Pikachu, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. However, the bigger picture is allowing businesses buy an in-game landmark, especially for elusive Pokemons. The same should go a long way in allowing businesses receive a boost in foot traffic.

Pokemon Go Sponsorship

The game creator, Niantic does not allow businesses to advertise or buy lures within the game. Given the amount of revenue that such an opportunity presents it could be swayed to do so, sooner than later before the buzz starts to wane. Confirmation that Pokemon Sponsorship is coming further underlines how serious the creator is about monetizing the game.

Pokemon sponsorship should go a long way in allowing large brands such as McDonalds to battle it out in having their locations used as Pokestops and gyms. Depending on the amount of investment, Niantic could allow some locations to attract larger amounts of Pokemon or even rare Pokemons.

Even though the same would mostly benefit bigger brands, it should help the creator generate more revenue from the game. Small businesses struggling with foot traffic also stand a chance of using the hype to attract more clients through things like a Lure party and Gym battle tournaments. Some businesses are also advertising themselves as Pokestops in a bid to attract more customers.