The retail sales of Ford Fusion Energi have risen to 39% with the sales of the Fusion Hybrid rising to 35%. Second best-selling Ford Vehicle is the Fusion which not only comes second in Los Angeles but in North America as well. The Fusion has also gained high favor with the millennial buyers.

In June the retail sales of the Fusion went high just after the 2017 model was made available. It seems consumers have fallen in love with the vehicle which has spacious room for five and lots of high tech features. When compared to Fusion Energi sales in 2015 this year they jumped to 40% while it jumped to 35%. These are retail figures.

According to the marketing manager of Ford Fusion, Wade Jackson, the growth seen in Los Angeles should not be underestimated. This is because LA is the top market for vehicles in the United States. The rise in sales is proof that Ford’s engineering team is producing the best for its customers in terms of fun electric cars and fuel efficiency.

Electric drive

The 2017 Fusion Energi can go upto 610 miles when it good battery charge and tankful of fuel. How good are the figures? As of May 2016 42 % of retail registrations are as a result of Fusion Energi plug in and Fusion Hybrid sales. The Fusion is also leading the pack when it comes to midsize cars especially sedans.

LA is the only place where midsize sedans were consistent in sales in 2015.

What about other automakers

While Ford is having a good time in the LA market thanks to Fusion, the same cannot be said about other automakers. The four main giants are Ford, Honda, General Motors and Toyota. Out of the four only Honda as PE ratio of double digits the rest are below ten. Ford also has a small stock increase of 2.66% while the rest had their stocks go down.