The partnership between Glu Mobile Inc’s (NASDAQ:GLUU) and PopSugar is expected to bring more lifestyle simulation into its Kendall & Kylie game.  Apart from being able to create their characters who will grow into social media stars, the players will also get to complete social media stars. However, this is only for those who have reached at least level eight. They will also have a linkage to PopSugar’s celebrity, fashion and food sites.

Speaking about the partnership, chairperson, and CEO of Glu Mobile, Niccolo de Masi explains the company is ever seeking to collaborate with brands that will give players a far-fetched playing experience.  It perhaps this reasoning that has resulted to the thrilling welcome of ShopStyle to Kendall & Kylie.

Glu Mobile has more offer.

There is more from Glu Mobile other than just its partnership with PopSugar. There is Gordon Ramsay Dash one of its latest games. Apparently, not many are aware that it is the same company that is behind the popular game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood a rebrand of the existing game Stardom. It’s two years presence in the market has resulted to over 45 million downloads making over $157.8 million in revenue.

Nevertheless, Dash game is also building on its popularity through Glu’s popular Dash franchise. It is more about cooking skills and battling it out to get the highest score. The addition of Chef Ramsay is expected to help in building the franchise.

Ramsay and Glu have been working together on the game for about 18 months having been approached three years ago, but he felt it was not right then.

What is not known about Kim and Gordon

The duo has many things in common besides being disciplined and very responsive. Their partnership more often than not has not disappointed.  They have a way with any of their brands.

Applauding any of their partnerships, de Masi says that their extraordinary input into any celebrity-focused games results into a goo fortune of revenue.  No wonder they have the most social followers and global recognition.