Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:BRCD) has announced that it has managed to push its Analytics Monitoring Platform to new capabilities.

The company stated that the AMP can now offer new capabilities such as providing more understanding about application performance as well as end to end visibility. The new findings are expected to help by bringing down storage networking latency by as much as 70% it will also make it possible to quickly identify performance related issues such as problems that cause changes in performance behavior. The newly achieved capabilities will make it easier identify these problems and determine their causes before they affect the users.

The resultant effect of these new discoveries includes the ability of firms experiencing rapid digitization to take advantage of cloud technologies, virtualization, and automation. Taking advantage of these aspects will allow them to launch and deploy applications at a faster pace than was previously achievable. The fact that consumers have high performance expectations has led to more complexities within data centers. One of the major problems that most companies go through is that they lack the necessary visibility as well as tools that are best suited to see beyond the complexity and determine the actual root of the problem.

Gartner Inc (NYSE:IT) stated that the performance of storage devices is highly affected by factors such as virtual machine density on a server, deduplication ratios, compression ratios, read/write ratios and data block size. Gartner also pointed out that the influential parameters are different from one application to the other. It is, therefore, important that architects take a close look at these parameters, analyze them and tune them so that their performance is optimized to meet service level agreements (SGLs).

Brocade’s AMP renders unnecessary the implementation of multiple solutions at various endpoints. It also creates a more all-inclusive view of the network, storage and server performance. The Analytics Monitoring Platform from Brocade will give firms complete visibility over their infrastructure. They will thus have the ability to determine the root cause of any problem and take the necessary action.

Life Clips Inc (OTCMKTS:LCLP) Continues To Decline Despite Encouraging Press Releases

Life Clips Inc (OTCMKTS:LCLP) continued its decline, during the August 25 trading session, losing 4.05% of its share value, on a trade volume of just 388,802. The stock has been fluctuating in the market, but has observed an overall downward trend, despite some very encouraging press releases. The company has secured quite a few distribution agreements, for Mobeego, in recent weeks, both nationally and internationally. This is also in line with Life Clips growth strategy, as it continues to aim for having Mobeego on the shelves of Big Box retailers.

The first Big Box retailer agreement was announced on August 22, with Toys R Us. The retailer had agreed to test-run Mobeego, at 20 of its 81 stores in Canada, with the potential of expanding to all 81, if the test run was successful. Furthermore, LCLP has also filed a Form S-1 registration, to raise $7.8 million. The company had stated that the funds would be used to up-list to a national exchange and as working capital.