Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA)’s reported F1Q2017 topline results that improved from a year ago and also exceeded internal guidance. The delighting results caused the management of the games company to issue a strong guidance for the current quarter (F2Q2017). On its part, SPYR Inc (OTCMKTS:SPYR) is preparing the ground for the launch of its newest title called Drone Wars.

How did EA fare in F1Q?

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA)’s F1Q2017 was characterized by improvements in financial performance compared to the same quarter last year. The company posted revenue of more than $1.27 billion, indicating an increase of 5.7% YoY. The reported topline figure also exceeded internal guidance of $1.25 billion.

What caught the attention most in Electronic Arts’ F1Q results was the fact that sales improved in a quarter that didn’t have a major videogame console release that typically drive sales. That milestone showed that the management of Electronic Arts is still capable of growing sales even in a challenging environment.

As for the bottom-line, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) posted adjusted EPS of $0.07, down from EPS of $0.15 a year ago, but better than EPS loss of $0.02 that Wall Street expected.

F2Q guidance

For F2Q2017, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) is looking for revenue of about $915 million and EPS loss of $0.17. As for the fiscal year 2017, the management is seeing revenue coming at about $4.75 billion and EPS being $2.56. Operating cash flow for the fiscal year is guided at $1.3 billion.

Digital and mobile are expected to continue driving sales in the absence of major game consoles release.

SPYR set for fall release of Drone Wars

As Electronic Arts looks but to a success June quarter, SPYR Inc (OTCMKTS:SPYR) is looking to the future with hope that the release of its newest game Drone Wars will make it richer. The company through its subsidiary called SPYR APPS, LLC recently announced inking a deal with a game publisher called Kemojo Studios. The agreement calls for Kemojo Studios to publish Drone Wars, which is due to launch in fall.

SPYR has yet to provide estimates of how much revenue it expects to generate from Drone Wars in the first year. Drone Wars, a military combat game, will be a free-to-play release.