Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) launched its first 3D NAND memory know-how optimized for mobile devices and other products depending on the Universal Flash Storage 2.1 standard. Its initial cell 3D NAND-based offering is targeted particularly for the mid and high-end smartphone divisions. It should be noted that it accounts for nearly 50% of global smartphone volume.

As mobile devices sidestep personal systems as customer’s primary computing device, consumer behaviors severely influence the device’s storage requirements and mobile memory. The company’s cell 3D NAND resolves these concerns, providing an unmatched user experience. It offers higher bandwidth gameplay, seamless HD video streaming, faster boot up times, file loading and camera performance.

The experts speaks

Mike Rayfield of Micron’s mobile business segment said that the company continues to develop NAND technology with the launch of UFS and 3D NAND products for the mobile division. The improved performance, enhanced reliability and higher capacity of 3D NAND will help company’s customers fulfil the ever-increasing demand for mobile storage. It will allow for much more thrilling end user experiences.

In order to fulfil the elevated hardware demands arising from increased multimedia and mobile video consumption, Micron 3D NAND stacks layers of data storage cells vertically. It is also meant to accommodate the increased storage demands resulting from the launch of 5G wireless networks. The technology intends to create storage solutions with almost over 3 time capacity than previous NAND technologies.

Rayfield said that because capacity is increased by stacking cells vertically, they are able to pack increased storage cells into a smaller die area. It results in the delivery of the smallest memory die, which in turn leads to a tiny memory packaging footprint. As a result, there is free space for more mobile battery size or smaller form factor devices. This new technology will be important for the continued advancement of smartphones in coming period.