Nokia Corp (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) has signed a deal that expands its contract with Telefonica Germany. The new deal means Nokia will continue to offer its managed services to the German firm.

Nokia still offers its services to E-Plus Network which was acquired by Telefonica two years ago. The expansion of the contract means Nokia will offer its expertise and unique network management tools to Telefonica’s mobile infrastructure. This includes the German firm’s core and fixed network operations as well as its mobile access. The expansion will commence in September as part of the deal. Telefonica Germany’s CTO Cayetano Carbajo Martín stated that his firm has been targeting Nokia’s managed services and expertise to work on Telefonica’s entire network. This move will allow the firm to boost its performance, quality and simplify its operations.

The CTO also pointed out that the deal will allow his firm to free up more attention and resources towards significantly improving the subscriber experience throughout the entire country. The deal will also allow Nokia to offer level 1 and level 2 technical support. This includes management support, incident resolution, preventative maintenance and real-time monitoring. Nokia will also offer local management proficiency in the country.

Nokia’s head of the Telefonica Germany team, Carlos Sampedro stated that Nokia has already proven that it has what it takes during the time that it has been implementing its expertise and managed services into the E-Plus network. Sampedro believes that working together with Telefonica will allow for the centralization of support to make sure that they achieve the highest level of network quality and availability.

Telefonica also plans to include other partners apart from Nokia towards transforming its entire operational model. The German firm believes that accumulating resources and expertise will speed up the transformation process and also deliver more appealing results. Nokia is confident that the new deal will significantly boost Telefonica’s presence and dominance in Germany. Nokia, on the other hand, continues to build up a strong portfolio of contracts.