Whiting Petroleum Corp (NYSE:WLL) has announced that its president and CEO James J. Volker will have a presentation for the firm at the EnerCom Oil & Gas conference which will take place in Denver at the Westin Hotel.

The CEO will be featuring a live presentation at the event which is expected to take place on August 15 this year. The presentation will commence AT 10:05 am on Monday. Individuals that might be interested in watching the presentation can do so through the conference’s website. The website will feature a live stream of the event and it will also post the presentation materials so that people can access the content after the event.

The presentation will specifically be located in the investor relations menu on the “webcasts” link. Despite the announcement about the presentation, Whiting did not reveal any details regarding the content of the presentation. Nonetheless, it is expected to include vital information about the firm’s performance, plans for the future, any information related to operations and investor information. It is also expected that the conference will feature discussions on the current performance of the oil industry and speculations on the future performance and the course of action by the participating firms.

The conference is also expected to have some impact on the performance of the company’s stock depending on how the investors will respond to the information in the presentation. The company’s current market capitalization is $1.92 billion and 251.06 million of its outstanding shares were recently calculated.

Analysts have set the company’s short term price target for the company’s stock at $11.71. The estimate represents the sentiments provided by 34 analysts. The price of the firm’s stock is currently at $7.30. The sentiments presented by analysts means they are expecting a significant jump in the stock as a result of positive performance. Some analysts expect the share price to go as high as 19 and as low as $4.6. The current consensus also expects the earnings per share to be -0.31.