Debt Resolve,Inc (OTCMKTS:DRSV) currently has a Caveat Emptor symbol from OTC Markets Group but that did not stop DRSV from reaching a milestone on Friday breaking volume & daily Gain Records. DRSV hit a new 52 week high and a new four hear high of at $0.069. For the uninitiated, Caveat Emptor symbol identifies securities with a to inform investors that there may be reason to exercise additional care and perform thorough due diligence in making investment decisions for a particular security.

It all started when a promoter group with the name of ActiveMarketInsider put out an opening bell alert on its Facebook page at This led to a buying frenzy at the open. The stock opened at $0.0125 and hit a high as $0.069 within minutes after the opening bell. Lets take a look at the company fundamentals. DRSV went from reporting $156k Total Revenues in 2014 to a mind-blowing $5.7 MIL in total revenues for 2015. However, DRSV may still have a long way to go to achieve full solvency. The company financials can be found HERE.

DRSV (Debt Resolve Inc.) is a cloud-based software and services to help both lenders and borrowers solve the problems inherent in our credit-based economy. Through it’s core SETTL.IT family of products, it features a revolutionary, patented online Double Blind Bidding process to negotiate debt settlements and easy-to-use tools to enroll borrowers into payment plans they can afford. DRSV also launched PROGRESS ADVOCATES – a Joint Venture launched Dec. 2014 trying to captalize on the $1.2 TRILLION student loan debt market. Progress Advocates focuses on document preparation and loan monitoring services for individuals who wish to consolidate or modify the terms of their Federal student loans. They achieve this through offering the tools and advice to find the best federal program that fits each borrowers needs.

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