Marijuana Company Of America Inc (OTCMKTS:MCOA) a growing hemp and cannabis marketing and distribution firm, is releasing this update to keep current and prospective shareholders informed. The company’s first product, hempSMART BRAIN, is made with Cannabidiol or CBD as the core ingredient mixed with high quality, clinically verified, branded ingredients to support brain health.

The highlights

There are new articles highlighting the benefits of CBD published daily. The product, hempSMART BRAIN was developed to fulfill the increasing demand for CBD based neutraceutical offerings that boost brain function. Marijuana Company’s product is planned for release by the close of this month. It was projected to ship by mid-October, but deferral in getting main ingredients from dealers has delayed the ship date by almost two weeks.

The fulfillment center is set to manage product distribution and they are working closely with hempSMART’s producer, which will end in noteworthy efficiencies of scale.

The product

hempSMART brain which is a synergistic blend of clinically proven natural brain support constituents, combined with water soluble CBD, allows passing of the blood-brain obstacle to deliver optimal brain protection and support. It was advanced to address the increase in neurodegenerative and neurologic challenges that have led in an increase in scientific research on reversal and/or prevention of nervous system pathology. Numerous natural products have been proven, in clinical studies, to improve cognitive and neurological function. There has been an increase of products being commercialized to improve brain function.

The marketing team is currently getting ready for the Brain product launch roll-out. As per the Direct Selling Association, last year more than 20 million American people were linked to direct selling, with total sales coming at $36.1 billion. Over 74% of the American public has bought services or goods through direct selling.

Global sales are also robust with over $154 billion in revenue. This distribution and marketing approach is extremely effective at creating loyal members and solid sales, and also brand awareness in the industry. The sales “force” is team of individuals that avidly believe in the firm, product and the change it can bring in people’s lives.