HempMeds Mexico`s non-psychoactive from Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) was featured in the Newsweek in a cover story titled, “Fiebre por el cannabis. The THC-free hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) product is the first to have ever been approved by the federal authorities in Mexico. The publication dated Oct. 24 was discussing the growing legally accepted cannabinoid-based medicines throughout South and Central America. It was also pointing out the roles of Medical Marijuana in the region.

Notably, California is known for its burgeoning marijuana market. On the other hand, HempMeds Mexico’s THC-free RSHO-X has been approved for the treatment of adolescent girls who have epilepsy. The article also disclosed the increasing demand for Medical Marijuana’s RSHO-X given that it can treat various medical indications, a move that has given this company massive recognition across  Latin America.

Medical Marijuana Inc. has demonstrated research, production and distribution capabilities

Perhaps the reason why Medical Marijuana has gained popularity within the Latin America region is its capacity in various areas of the marijuana industry. Talk of research, production and distribution all which must be given priority in any legal cannabis products. The Company’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Stuart Titus says that they have given the company a good stretch of economic growth.

Apparently, Latin American is one of the countries that have embraced progressive stance in endorsing such products. Interestingly, a majority of politicians who were previously against marijuana legalization are now for it, citing that it will reduce misdeeds while at the same time help patients suffering from a variety of conditions. The legalization will also create significant opportunities for many companies within the industry.

More achievements for Medical Marijuana Inc

Titus says that the firm is still on a trail with other accomplishments.  First, it has opened a new office in Monterey, Mexico, which will be in charge of the company’s sales, marketing and distribution of RSHO-X. This will also help in strengthening the already existing relationship between the company and the Mexico government.

This is not all. The company has put on board a new Chief Operating Officer (COO) Carlos Gonzales, who will oversee the operations in increase sales as well as the promotion of the distribution processes. The company is confident about his capabilities in being able to support the Mexican families who need access to cannabidiol products. Finally, the company was part of an exhibition “Hemp For All,” which was held in the Mexican Senate with a goal pushing the Mexican lawmakers to legalize medicinal cannabis in Mexico.