Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCMKTS:CNBX) has recently unveiled— based on its cancer High Throughput Screening (HTS) research— that cannabis extracts can directly contribute to the reduction of U87MG glioblastoma cell viability depending on the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)/cannabidiol (CBD) ratio.

Cancer HTS Study

“The Cannabics’ method of diagnosis clearly differentiates between a multitude of varied plant extracts and their apoptotic and necrotic effects by utilizing state-of-the-art HTS on cells derived from patients’ biopsies, the results of which are visualized in “scans” of the before, during, and after effect upon the cancer cells themselves,” explained Eyal Ballan, Ph.D., Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Chief Scientist.

With its initiatives, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals can help cancer patients receive personalized treatments.

Data relating to other types of cancers are expected to come out next month.

According to Eyal Barad, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Co-Founder, the company is also currently developing proprietary and novel compounds that target specific tumor types. These compounds are undergoing continuous clinical trial programs in Israel in preparation for submissions of approval to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

With its encouraging efforts and milestones, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is planning to put up a Cancer HTS facility in Israel next year. The upcoming facility will strengthen the company’s focus on its proprietary HTS technology.


Primarily, the company has developed its proprietary HTS process to yield massive data of various formulations with antitumor properties. These data enable healthcare professionals to determine and provide the best and most efficient treatment options to and for all types of cancer patients. With this, the main objective of the company is to improve cancer patient lifestyle by providing each patient with the best way to minimize tumor.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals hopes to bring the proprietary technology to all markets where medical marijuana is legal for cancer patients. These markets include certain states in the US such as Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, among others. The company is also looking forward to make its proprietary HTS process legally available in Europe.

On Thursday, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals has declined 17.57%, closing the session at $0.83.