Cannagrow Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CGRW) reported that a purchase order has been given to the International Greenhouse Company for three Ranger Series ‘2000’ Heated Greenhouses, with the funds to close the engineer designs for the structures.

The experts speak

Delmar Janovec, the CEO of CannaGrow Holdings, said that NuGro Industries has submitted a buy order to the International Greenhouse Company for 3 additional Ranger Series ‘2000’ Heated Greenhouses. The establishment of these greenhouses will close Phase I and II of the facility and offer an additional space of production capacity.

Rod Clawson of Category One Botanicals, LLC said that now when they are entering into the final phases of the first grow cycle, the requirement for additional space and production capacity has become apparent. He requested CannaGrow’s CEO for the additional Greenhouses as planned in the sub-lease deal. Now NuGro Industries is managing to commence construction and manufacturing. With this, he witnesses the benefit of having alliances with NuGro and CannaGrow.

Dr. John P. Janovec, the COO, said that the original greenhouses are in full bloom, so the team has witnessed firsthand the structure quality and the greenhouse manufacturer. It marked as a natural and easy choice to return to IGC for more buildings. Beginning now with this expansion to close Phase I and II will make sure that they are prepared to make next year with additional space for “Sunshine-Driven” production.

The company invites stockholders and other interested entities to visit the CannaGrow Blog for more updates pertaining the optimal environment the new series can provide. CannaGrow the representative and liaison for NuGro Industries, will continue its ability of providing oversight being the Facilities Manager, coordinating with the County/ State Agencies and also with the Licensed cultivator for the facilities. The closure of this project will offer the firm the basis to commence generating revenues from Licensed Producers subleasing the Turnkey facilities as established to the specifications of company’s COO, and Consultant, Jason Wells.