Greengro Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:GRNH) reported the launch of the firm’s Vertical HydroGarden, Inc. site, a unique site developed to market and showcase the firm’s flagship location and serve as a valuable resource to boost the growth of its franchise network.

The scope

Vertical HydroGarden is a leading retailer of hydroponic supplies and the firm’s Franchise Model for operations in the field of CEA. The subsidiary is a pioneer in modular mechanized hydroponic grow-rooms, greenhouses, aquaponics and hydroponic supplies, cultivation consulting services and portable grow-containers. Its new website has been furnished with insightful facts and news related to franchise prospects, showcasing information on how to engage and contact with the firm regarding this opportunity.

Greengro plans to use the site to keep the industry informed pertaining Vertical HydroGarden’s development and progress of the franchise model. The site is organized to be instrumental in offering latest news content for shareholders, existing and potential franchisees and the interested general public.

Additionally, the firm has two upcoming sites one in the U.S. and another in Germany. James Haas, the CEO of Greengro, said that with the introduction of this site, potential investors and partners alike will be allowed to access data about the firm’s industry perspective and better interpret the impact of their mission and goals.

As per a blog on pertaining open field farming said that over 40% of globe’s land surface is used for this objective. Experts have recognized for decades that the industrial model of agriculture cannot sustainably serve a considerably growing global population.

While hydroponic greenhouses had witnessed a bad rap for guzzling water and energy and breeding fungal adulteration, new technologies are faking a revolution and turning CEA the resource-efficient way of cultivating vegetables. Ultimately, Greengro will also look for unique solutions in producing proteins and grains ecologically, and the CEA model is fit for effectively increasing perishable produce.

Haas added that they have a big vision for Vertical HydroGarden. Environmental issues not only boost the demand, but the mutually beneficial business model marks perfect financial sense. Whether cultivating cannabis or produce, these franchises are best proposition. As impetus continues to grow, it’s thrilling for the firm to be going live with a site designed to support overall efforts.