All For One Media Com (OTCMKTS:AFOM) intends to bring its focus on  advancement of a public relations pull strategy so as to make PR measures more cost effective and likely to reach a bigger client base. They talked about the four major components to turn the notion of PR pull less intimidating and more fruitful for firms of any size.

It’s easy to feel stunned by the technology components used in getting media attention to brand. Because of its intricacy, marketing know-how, or Martech, is an enormous industry expected to record up to $120 billion in CMO costs by 2025. Though there’s apparent utility in restructuring a marketing plan, most PR professionals will report that by automating media outreach, which can discount personalization that’s must to success.

The buzz

All For One Media’s existing assignment is specifically designed to a tween viewers, which supports their approach to PR. Brian Lukow, the CEO, said that they have a musical movie that possesses all the ingredients of kids favorite loved elements in the movies. Great choreography and music that children can relate to.

The firm’s first film, Crazy for the Boys, is planned to start shooting principal photography in the coming months. This assignment shows a deep knowledge of audience, a big thanks to the artistic team that has cast and choreographed stars such as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande. The movie plot is based on urgent and universal coming-of-age themes that move from school anxiety and intimidating to the exploration of first love.

Another firm in the same sector that is on investors’ radar is Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA). Alongside a strong fourth quarter report, the company reported a 2:1 stock split to be paid on February 17, increased its payout 15% to $1.26 a share on a yearly basis (pre-split), and supported its buyback authorization to $12 billion. The firm anticipates to repurchase $5 billion in stock this year. Buybacks and dividends in 2016 totaled $7.6 billion.