Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) this week held its digital marketing summit in Las Vegas where it announced its new plans in managing customer experiences. This creative and business power made public its new Experience Cloud which combines advertising, marketing, and analytics cloud offerings.

Adobe has developed to become an industry leader in the cloud, thus establishing a vast portfolio of digital marketing and a wide range of creativity applications through a number of the internal efforts as well as the occasional acquisition. For instance, adobe acquired a $540 million acquisition of video advertising platform TubeMogul in the month of December which opportunistically rounded out its digital marketing offerings.

The provider is at this particular moment the “the pure play on adoption of the cloud” as was revealed by TheStreet’s founder and manager, Jim Cramer.

Adobe is currently laying down plans to build on its success in the cloud and truth be told, the acquisition is expected to ply a major role.

Keith Bachman who is a BMO Capital Markets analyst has says there is a possible gap in the report. He added that the roadmap to customer service was sparking much curiosity. Some of the close sources remain optimistic that indeed Adobe will be making its way into the customer service software market.

Adobe has its highs and laws just like any other vibrant company. At one point it reaches an all-time intraday high and during another it puts up with business disappointments. Being one of the older tech stocks on the public market, it has always employed its diverse experience to boost production and that is why it recently reported earnings that beat Wall Street expectations.

On its latest quarter, Adobe showcased resilience after marking its twelfth consecutive period of revenue hikes. The company’s analysts attributed the constant wins to the company’s Creative Cloud package of software tools like Photoshop which went along way to attract many more subscribers. This high end company is headed towards great success in the nearby future. At the moment, it has been rated to be worth $63 billion which is quite an impressive figure.