Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:AUPH), which is a giant clinical stage biopharmaceutical company today made the announcement regarding the 48-week results from the “Aurinia Early Urinary Protein Reduction Predicts Response Study.” Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Aurinia, Robert B. Huizinga was excited to present the data reports which send mixed reactions among different people.

Just like the rest of the high end studies, the researchers involved were looking forward to achieve success. It was a moment of great joy for the concerned parties after the research successfully achieved its primary objectives. The study turned out to be great success after it demonstrated that early biomarker response in active LN patients is a sure indication of renal response at 24 and 48 weeks.

Voclosporin was used in LN patients during the tests and no new safety signals could be identified as a matter of fact. The results proved beyond any reasonable cloud of doubt that indeed, Voclosporin was well-tolerated. The other point worthy noting is the fact that the safety profile showcased remarkable consistency with the other immunomodulators under study.

In consideration of the lupus related complications or Investigator discretion, there was the discontinuation of a total of three subjects prior to the 48 weeks.

Results from AURION brought to light a number of points. One of the points worth noting was the fact that use of the C3 or C4 went a long way towards helping make some important determinations, for instance-whether or not a given patient will achieve a given clinical response.

This high end company has been operation for many years providing top-most solutions to patients around the globe. Even right at this moment, it is developing as well as delivering cutting-edge products to its wide range of customers struggling with the debilitating conditions such as lupus Nephritis.

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc has lately been under close scrutiny from its competitors. They have been trying to establish the secret to the success of the high end company. The might waste a lot of time carrying out investigations, but truth be told, more than 100 years in business is no joke!