Efftec International Inc. (OTCMKTS:EFFI) is delighted to report updates on the progress of HempLife to the shareholders.

New products

HempLife is a wholly owned subsidiary of Efftec. The initial offering of the highly anticipated production line of “All Natural and Good For You” Health and Breakfast foods, Hemp Based Lifestyle is the company’s All Natural No GMO Healthy and Energy Bars.

The company is unveiling four new delicious flavors which includes; Cherry, Apple, Pineapple coconut and Blueberry. The products are rich in pure plant protein as well as soluble together with omega 3 and 6 antioxidants. The production process is already underway and the company is hoping to commence the shipping process as from next week.

Production capacity and retail prices

The production capacity is around 250 cases of 12 bars in each flavor leading to a total of 1000 cases or around 12,000 individual bars which will help initially meet the demands from customers located in about 250 retails stores as well as a second production run which will commence within the next 30 days.

Retail prices will be at $29.95 each case of 12 and $3.49 for each individual bar. Both products have met the industry norms set for other Energy bars. These products, have more nutritional value compared to the other brands in the market according to the company.

A word from the founder

Anthony Skinner, the founder of HempLife industries stated that he is very excited about the unveiling of the Pioneer commercial product line by the company which marks the beginning of more to come from the Efftec and HempLife alliance.

In a bid to attract more sales, Mr Skinner is expected to feature in a television interview in the coming week. He will feature at ABC News Channel 25 WEHT which covers an audience of about 10 million people throughout Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.

Mr. Skinner is also expected to attend The Annual Kentucky Hemp Industries Association (KYHIA) conference to be held in Lexington KY. He will be representing both Efftec and HempLife as well as feature as an official delegate of the Indiana Hemp Industries Association (INHIA). The conference will provide a networking opportunity which is expected to result to new partnerships, possible acquisitions and new sales.