International Spirit & Beverage Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ISBG) has selected industry pioneering Park Street to offer complete back-of-house management, comprising compliance, warehousing, importing, logistics, shipping, supply chain management, inventory, enterprise resource planning services and receivables. The deal also offers company with access to comprehensive direct-to-retail wholesale supply in California, New Jersey, Florida and New York.

The update

Alonzo Pierce, the President and Chairman of International Spirit, reported that associating with Park Street allows them to focus resources on value-creating measures comprising increasing brand equity, advancing compelling new unique products and growing sales. Park Street will help them refine their business process, offering them with the critical base to properly grow and advance their firm. They add an experienced and professional national team to support and assist their growth.

Park Street will enable International Spirit & Beverage to focus on its key goal driving case sales and – building brands. It offers industry top menu of back-office offerings, which showcases a treasured set of data management and reporting tools.

Terry Williams, the CEO of International Spirit and Beverage, reported that the combination of Park Street along with key national logistics foundation enabling web sales platform and association with RNDC, one of the country’s leading distributors, collectively puts company with the ability to appropriately grow and advance a true national plan for their brands. They finally have their business model in place and expect to what this year brings for them.

Park Street is a technologically led provider of back-office, enterprise resource planning and alcoholic beverage importing solutions. Services comprise, among others, order fulfillment, logistics management, accounting, regulatory compliance, data management, working capital, distributor customer service and more. Established in 2003, Park Street serves numerous brands from the U.S. and across the world.

International Spirit & Beverage is a Nevada-based alcoholic drink firm specializing in the marketing, international sales and development of innovative spirits and wine brands. The firm’s expertise remains in the strategic advancement and aggressive early development of its brands and setting these brands as profitable and viable.