Rising India Inc (OTCMKTS:RSII) has obtained numerous requests from investors for a recap to the firm’s Shareholder Conference call which highlighted detailed information about the arriving merger firm, Rising Biosciences, Inc.

The details

Rising BioSciences will be a R&D firm focusing on topical and oral pharmaceuticals with stringent standards laid by the pharmaceutical compounding market. Aside from pain management and cancer treatment, some of the applications for medical marijuana comprise treatment of conditions like multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease and glaucoma.

Rising is comprised of an extensive team of physicians, chemists, medical marijuana industry veterans and also pharmacists for the advancement of offerings in a clinical lab environment. Businesses will focus on designing offering that can be metabolized by the human body efficiently, and with delivery processes more acceptable than tinctures, smoking and oils accessible on the market today.

Processes will comprise consistency in respect of quality and true prescription measures of THC and/or CBD delivery through each offering the firm advances and manufactures. So far, the industry faces a lack of comprehensive quality control of product, counting accurate dosage.

Rising Biosciences plans to be an industry standout by utilizing procedures and policies presented by the compounding pharmaceutical market while monitoring quality and safety throughout.

The company reported that its team has entered into talks with business operators having real expertise and experience in multiple states and numerous business verticals within the cannabis market. The business focus will be on working with pharmacists and physicians’ groups on the R&D of new, advanced treatments within the medicinal cannabis market.

Investors can stay tuned to upcoming social media and press releases updates, where a comprehensive plan for RSII’s entry into this industry will be outlined. That launch also marks a strong instance for that direction.

Almost 24 states have approved Medicinal Cannabis application and 8 states have approved recreational use.