AT&T (NYSE:T) is among the top funders that made President Donald Trump’s inauguration proceedings a success. The company took more than 12% of the President Donald Trump’s $106.7 million inaugural ceremonies as others including the state’s corporation, business executives and highly recognized donors funded the high-dollar proceeds.

AT&T gave $2.1 million while other donations come from the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave $1 million, the Exxon Mobil based in Irving gave $500,000 and the Key Warren the chief manager of the Energy Transfer Partners contributed $250,000. According to AT&T spokesman said that the company has for many years been supporting the country’s presidential inaugurations as a means to enhance their telecommunication network to cover the major parties and events.

The company has its own reasons why they contributed a larger part in the President Trump’s celebrations. The firm is allegedly in the middle tedious process to get cleared of $85 billion contracts from Department of Justice to acquire the Time Warner, Inc. According to AT&T, the transaction is expected to mature by the end of the year.

The latest updates from the U.S. government reveals that the great U.S. companies together with their executives supported President Donald Trump to raise an outstanding record of $106.7 million for inauguration celebrations which took place in the month of January. The tally doubled the first President Barack Obama’s inauguration events in 2009 which recorded only $53.2 million. The same events for President George W. Bush were only $42.3 million.

The funds that were donated to the President Trump’s inaugural committee was either a framework to make him succeed or a continued support from his own allies. According to Sean Spicer, the White House Spokesman, the inaugurations funding was more of a nonpartisan activity and it’s a time-honored practice that many American citizens and organizations have been always proud to support. Hence the President Donald Trump’s was not an exemption. Other financial service companies that also contributed more than $1 million to the Trump’ great festivities include the Charles Schwab and the Bank of America. The AT&T had donated $4.6 million during the 2013 President Obama inauguration event.