Centurylink Inc (NYSE:CTL) well understands that the act of connecting business as well as businesses to the power of the digital world can go a long way to transform lives as well as helping strengthen the communities in question.

That is the main reason as to why the company as well as its employees went ahead to direct more than $7.5 million across some about 44 states in 2016 via the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Charitable Foundation program.

According to sources, the Teachers and Technology program usually offers about $5000 to each project in a move that targets providing technology equipment to provide a lift in the pre-K – 12th grade classrooms. CenturyLink in the year 2016 welcomed more than 1,100 grant applications and asides from that also gave grants to 314 classroom-based projects in some 33 states.

Usually in the first two weeks of June every year, community members as well as employees come under a common course to help face out hunger in CenturyLinks’s communities.

Some time back, the company had faced major misfortunes, one of them being a lot of competitive pressures from the large-sized providers of cables. These misfortunes sparked doubts among investors, with a huge number showcasing mistrust in regards to the idea that Level 3 was all it took to turn the provider’s situation around.

According to some top executives working with the company, the company has lately been engaging in numerous dealings and transactions in a move to showcase its commitment towards providing its esteemed customers with the kind of network that gives room for them to proceed with the act of improving their lives as well as giving their business enterprises with a much needed boost.

CenturyLink’s chief executive and president, Glen F. Post III lately made a statement stating that the company was able to be a cut above the rest based on the fact that it had paid much focus into offering fiber connectivity as well as its great connectivity.

By eliminating duplications and giving operations a major lift, the company will be sure to move to the next level in terms of business success.